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Sundry Registers
Professional Registers Search
The Professional Registers search contains details of Registered Liquidators, Official Liquidators, Investment Advisers, Futures Advisers and Futures Brokers.
Registered liquidators are people who are members of an accounting or other recognised body, have a recognised qualification and practical experience in the winding up of bodies corporate and are able to satisfy ASIC that they are capable of performing the duties of a liquidator.
Official liquidators are people who are registered liquidators and who may be appointed by a court to a compulsory liquidation.
Pre FSR Authorised Representatives Search
Authorised Representatives financial services may be some or all of the financial services covered by the licensee's licence.
An employee or director of a licensee is a representative of the licensee and does not need to be authorised.
Only a body corporate, natural person, partnership or a group of individuals that act as trustee may be an authorised representative of a licensee.
Banned Registers Search
The Banned Register contains details only of those persons who are disqualified from managing corporations under the Corporations Act where ASIC receives express notice of the disqualification under the terms of that Act.
There are other circumstances in which a person may be disqualified from managing corporations, for example where the person is an undischarged bankrupt or has been convicted of certain offences involving dishonesty. ASIC does not receive statutory notice of such disqualifications, and so they are not able to be recorded in this register.
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